STUNTWEAR was originally established to make specific items for the stunt industry, stunt man, woman and any other crazy person that is daredevil enough to do dangerous activities. It then on request from customers developed into fire safety also for various defense programs both nationally and internationally.

Primarily, STUNTWEAR focuses on fire suppressants, fire retardants and fire retardant articles, from apparel such as suits and underwear to accessories like neck collars. Each item is developed with the needs that are required for the specific uses. By offering more specific items, it keeps the user safer and allows them to be more effective. For example- at the present time many stunt personnel use other items such as racing gear for protection while doing stunts and for this reason we have decided to take the step of making the specific items with safety and mobility in mind. Our goal is to keep you safer and let you do your profession with more ease. We offer standard items and custom items for more particular uses. Also, if you have a specific need that you don’t see, just ask, our experienced team will be able to meet your requests.
Made In USA